February 25, 2020 IPO Wait Syndicate

Will IPOs Be Put on Hold in 2020? Yesterday’s DOW Plunge of 1,000 Points Has Investors Worried!

Yesterday’s drop in the DOW of over 1,000 points has many investors worried the rally of the last decade might be coming to a halt.

With that, will likely slow down the IPO market tremendously.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that yesterday was our biggest subscriber growth day EVER.  (It just so happened to coincide with the DOW loosing over 1,000 points).

Many investors are thinking the worse is yet to come with the spread of Coronavirus.  Not sure if this is because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), or just because markets have been on a straight rally for 10+ years.

Regardless of what happens in the near future, we’ll be continuing to wait for the IPOs we’re interested in.  (whether they come in 2020, or years later).

If you’re interested in any private company that might be going public in the future, please add your name to the Upcoming IPO Waiting List.

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