March 3, 2020 IPO Wait Syndicate

Warner And Cole Haan Delay IPOs Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Warner Music Group and Cole Haan have announced plans to delay their 2020 IPOs.

No official announcement has been made for the new IPO date, but both companies have expressed concerns of market conditions amond the Coronavirus scares.

Whether COVID-19 is major issue or not, companies are starting to head warning now.

Many conferences have been canceled, including possibly SXSW in Austin, TX.

The Corona Virus has definitely put a major pause on global economic activity, and IPOs will definitely suffer in 2020 because of this.

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  1. I’ve reached out to investment banks as well, and about 50% of their prospective 2020 IPOs have expressed interest in possible delays. These are not yet confirmed … just IBs that I’ve talked with. Crazy times ahead for 2020 IPOs, and Global equities in general. We’ll keep you posted with updates. 😉

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