February 14, 2020 IPO Wait Syndicate

How to Invest in IPO Stocks?

Right now, there’s two main ways to invest in IPO Stocks.

  1.  Know a broker, or banker that has access to the initial public offer.  (this option isn’t available to about 99% of the population.  Most retail investors don’t have enough capital to work closely with brokers, so they’re really out of luck when it comes to IPOs)
  2.  You can get access to pre ipo shares.  If you work for the startup before it goes public, then you can get access to pre ipo shares before the public does. (Again, this option is only available to a small percentage of people that will actually work on or with the pre ipo company.

So … what do you do you if you want to invest in an IPO?

Well, we have good news … this is the exact reason we built IPO Wait.

We can’t promise you shares of an upcoming IPO, but at least you can get on the waiting list.

Our theory is, if we can get enough people waiting for upcoming IPOs, then maybe we can get access to some of the deals.

We’re just as interested as you are in investing in pre IPO companies.

That’s why we’re building the biggest waiting list for pre IPO companies.

The new app will be live in the app store in March 2020.

We’ll start with US IPO markets, but will be adding most global IPO Markets (Japan, Australia, Europe, UK, Canada, Latin America, and Asia)

Stay tuned for the release of IPO Wait.

Have a great day,

IPO Wait Syndicate

p.s.  If you’re interested in investing in any pre IPO company, then please add your email to the IPO Waiting List.

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IPO Wait Syndicate

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