March 4, 2020 IPO Wait Syndicate

How Do I Invest in IPOs, or Buy Pre IPO Shares?

Well, the short answer that many like to give is “you can’t … you just gotta wait for the IPO”.

However, that’s not necessarily true.

There are companies like SharesPost and EquityZen for Pre IPO Companies.  These companies let you buy pre ipo shares, or access shares in private companies, but we were interested in making something different.

There’s also the possibility of actually working for a startup and getting shares in the private company.

We thought of something else though …

What if we got together ALL interested investors in pre IPO companies.

Our theory was … if we got enough investors that were interested in investing in these companies before they go public, then maybe we could get an allotment of shares pre ipo?

So, whether you’re interested in investing $5 or $5 million, please take a second to join the waiting list.

If we get enough people interested, then maybe we’ll be able to get access to the ipo to invest.

Right now, we have the world’s biggest investor waiting list for pre ipo companies.

Thousands of investors are currently waiting, and more are joining the IPO Wait List everday!

Have a good one,

IPO Wait



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IPO Wait Syndicate

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