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We maintain your personal information and data according to strict standards of security and confidentiality. Please note, as a client of Top Stock Apps, online access to your account portfolio is only possible through a secure (SSL capable) web browser. SSL capable web browsers support encryption technology, which helps prevent unauthorized users from viewing your account information as it travels over the Internet.

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DATA PROTECTION AND PERMITTED DISCLOSURES – We may obtain information, including personal data and sensitive personal data, each as defined in the Data Protection Laws about your directors, employees, officers, agents or clients. We will treat as confidential (both during and after the termination of any relationship between us) any information learned about each other, your investment strategy, holdings, products or services in the course of the relationship except as otherwise agreed, shall not disclose the same to any third party without the other party’s consent.  For the purposes of the Data Protection Laws, we will be the data controller in respect of any personal data that you provide to us.  We may process any such information (whether provided electronically or otherwise) to the extent necessary in order to administer and operate certain services.  These activities includes:

  • To pursue legitimate interests in the course of the operational support and development of business, including to evaluate customer service, efficiency, and for risk management purposes;
  • To carry out credit, money laundering or conflict checks, and for fraud and financial crime prevention purposes;
  • To exercise and defend our legal rights or that of any Affiliate in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations applicable to us or to comply with legal and regulatory requests made to any affiliate;
  • For reporting (including, without limitation, transaction reporting and position reporting) and audits by national and international regulatory, enforcement or exchange bodies;
  • For complying with court orders associated with us or any Affiliate or for recording of communications that may disclose certain information for general regulatory purposes, i.e.; the FCA, CySEC or any other competent regulatory authority;
  • For complying with information requests from an exchange, clearing house or a self-regulated organization (whether of a governmental nature or otherwise) in any jurisdiction;
  • Providing our Affiliates, service providers, brokers, dealers, custodians, agents, bankers, auditors and professional advisers anyone to whom we transfer or propose to transfer certain information;
  • For conducting credit reference checks that help us and others make credit decisions and reduce the incidence of fraud or in the course of carrying out identity, or fraud prevention.

We may also transfer or disclose such information to our Affiliates or to third parties processing such information on our own or our Affiliates’ behalf or to third parties such as settlement agents, overseas banks, exchanges or clearing houses to whom we disclose information in the course of providing certain services.  Where such information is transferred to countries or territories outside the European Economic Area that are not recognized by the European Commission as offering an adequate level of data protection, we will put in place appropriate data transfer mechanisms, either by having in place EU-approved standard contractual clauses to govern the transfer or using another basis to ensure the transfer complies with the applicable Data Protection Laws.  We will retain the information received from you in an identifiable form for as long as necessary to meet legal, regulatory and business requirements. Retention periods may be extended if we and/or our Affiliates are required to preserve such information in connection with litigation, investigations or other proceedings.