November 3, 2020 IPO Wait Syndicate

Caffeine TV Might Go Public. Join the IPO Waiting List for More News!

We’ve updated the IPOWait App with another upcoming IPO …

Caffeine TV IPO

Caffeine is a company developing a social broadcasting platform for gaming and entertainment.

It enables users to engage in real-time with a broadcaster or viewers without delays and interruptions and provides a social-driven recommendation system to simplify navigation. The company supports broadcasting games as well as podcasting, news, fashion, cooking, and more.

Caffeine has raised a total of $259 million from 4 rounds of private financing.

The company has a current private market value of $600 million.

Caffeine hasn’t officially announce a date yet for their upcoming IPO, but we’ll be waiting for it.

If you’d like a chance to invest in this future IPO, then please download the IPO Wait App to leave a pledge.

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